My Experience with Creating a Fake Medical Report

September 13, 2014

I made a fake medical report a month ago to get out of having to go to work for a week. I really dreaded being around my boss. He always manages to ruin my day. I decided to take this action so that I could enjoy a week off with my wife. I had been working 60 hours per week without being paid over time. Here is some information about my experience.

the only use of a medical template

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Selecting My Template

The first thing that I did was to look for a template that would coincide with my report. I needed one that would allot me my five needed sick days. I decided to take a chance and use the medical excuse of having shingles. As most people know, shingles is a form of chicken pox that adults get. I knew that my boss would not want me to return to work if he knew that I was contagious.

You should make sure that the templates that you use are geared toward faking your symptoms. I planned my absence from work a few months in advance. I wanted to leave nothing to chance. You need to cover your bases because your livelihood is on the line.

Filling Out My Forms

My excuse forms looked great because I took the time to make sure that I proofread everything before I submitted it to my boss for his review. The doctor’s name was similar to my primary care physician’s as to throw off any suspicions that my boss might have. The best excuses that I recommend are those of illnesses that are easy to catch, but are very contagious. The last thing my boss wanted was an epidemic of sick employees on his hands.

I think these forms are great for people who want to skip out on school as well. I have found that people often need a break from their work and school responsibilities. It is hard to be so stressed out all the time. My wife and I had a lot of problems in our marriage because I was taking the stress from work home with me at night.

I find this as the solution to our problems. I want to save our marriage, and in order to do that, I need to lessen my time at work and give some for her. I need to be excused on a randomly but regular schedule. I can’t be sick every time that I have to, so I am planning to skip work and this unique website that I found called can actually help me. It will give me the freedom of time that will save our relationship and have a happy life.

infographic doctor

InfoGraphic Shows  The Most Effective Doctors Note on the Planet (Obviously Fake)

I used the name Dr. Franks on my report. After I wrote in that I had shingles, I added the information about how long it would take for me to recuperate. I made sure to be as brief as possible so that my boss could not uncover that it was fake. My final step was to print the form. I did so and then compared it to another example of a completed report. Finally, I read the information aloud to myself to make sure that it read well.

The week that I had off allowed me to regroup so that I could focus on being happier. I would tell people to avoid using free fake doctor note websites. These notes are not reputable and are of poor quality. I looked through a few after I had completed mine and I have to say the two are as different as night and day.

You can visit my most recommended website: Nest time you need one of these medical reports, go to that website and ask for a copy.

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