Consequences to Expect When Using Fake Doctors Notes

February 17, 2014

A lot of justifications are being made for the use of fake doctor’s notes today. These justifications seem real but using these notes could bring about some consequences that the user would not want to have. Thus, it is vital you really get to know what these consequences are so you can make decisions as to how you use these documents.

A fake doctor’s note is a sick advice that can be used to get excuse from work or school.  Workers may need this to skip work for a few days, and so are students to skip studies. The justifications of those who use these notes include: near impossibility to get real doctors notes on time, high cost of medical diagnoses, and the stress of going for a genuine note.

These justifications may look reasonable but one should consider that the use of fake doctor’s notes could be tantamount to forgery or fraud. Yes, this is because a fake doctor’s note is not issued by a real doctor, rather it is downloaded from the Internet and used as genuine printable free doctors excuse.

The consequences of toeing making the decision of going for fake doctor’s note are highlighted below.

Consequences of Using Fake Doctors Notes In The Place Of Work

If you are using a note like this to excuse yourself from work, care need to be taken so you don’t get yourself into trouble with the management or your boss. These notes are not legit but look real. You stand a risk of losing your pay, demoted from your position, or even losing your job if it is discovered that you are not being sincere with the excuse of ill health you have given. More so, in extreme cases where it is discovered that a real doctor’s signature was forged, then you could be liable for law suit and risk jail term for deception and misdemeanor.

Consequences of Using Fake Doctor’s Notes in the School

Most students also use a fake doctor’s note to skip classes. While this may provide temporal fun, there are risks associated with the discovery of fraud. The school authority can detain, suspend, and expel the student. The student also stands a risk of losing his grade. The student is considered as a cheat or dishonest if he/she is found with fake doctor’s note. You can learn more here:

So, as a student or an employee, you really need to consider these consider these consequences before going for fake doctors’ notes. Many people use these notes without being detected but I guess they are able to make the ones they use believable.