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My Experience with Creating a Fake Medical Report

September 13, 2014

I made a fake medical report a month ago to get out of having to go to work for a week. I really dreaded being around my boss. He always manages to ruin my day. I decided to take this action so that I could enjoy a week off with my wife. I had been working 60 hours per week without being paid over time. Here is some information about my experience.

the only use of a medical template

doctornotes are useful

Selecting My Template

The first thing that I did was to look for a template that would coincide with my report. I needed one that would allot me my five needed sick days. I decided to take a chance and use the medical excuse of having shingles. As most people know, shingles is a form of chicken pox that adults get. I knew that my boss would not want me to return to work if he knew that I was contagious.

You should make sure that the templates that you use are geared toward faking your symptoms. I planned my absence from work a few months in advance. I wanted to leave nothing to chance. You need to cover your bases because your livelihood is on the line.

Filling Out My Forms

My excuse forms looked great because I took the time to make sure that I proofread everything before I submitted it to my boss for his review. The doctor’s name was similar to my primary care physician’s as to throw off any suspicions that my boss might have. The best excuses that I recommend are those of illnesses that are easy to catch, but are very contagious. The last thing my boss wanted was an epidemic of sick employees on his hands.

I think these forms are great for people who want to skip out on school as well. I have found that people often need a break from their work and school responsibilities. It is hard to be so stressed out all the time. My wife and I had a lot of problems in our marriage because I was taking the stress from work home with me at night.

I find this as the solution to our problems. I want to save our marriage, and in order to do that, I need to lessen my time at work and give some for her. I need to be excused on a randomly but regular schedule. I can’t be sick every time that I have to, so I am planning to skip work and this unique website that I found called can actually help me. It will give me the freedom of time that will save our relationship and have a happy life.

infographic doctor

InfoGraphic Shows  The Most Effective Doctors Note on the Planet (Obviously Fake)

I used the name Dr. Franks on my report. After I wrote in that I had shingles, I added the information about how long it would take for me to recuperate. I made sure to be as brief as possible so that my boss could not uncover that it was fake. My final step was to print the form. I did so and then compared it to another example of a completed report. Finally, I read the information aloud to myself to make sure that it read well.

The week that I had off allowed me to regroup so that I could focus on being happier. I would tell people to avoid using free fake doctor note websites. These notes are not reputable and are of poor quality. I looked through a few after I had completed mine and I have to say the two are as different as night and day.

You can visit my most recommended website: Nest time you need one of these medical reports, go to that website and ask for a copy.

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Why a Doctors Note Is the Best Option for a Day Off

September 8, 2014

A fake doctors note can become the answer to all of your prayers. In today’s economy, many people feel as though they are shackled to their job. It can be hard to be able to even take a day off without an excuse that your employer will believe without giving you a hard time. What is the answer you might ask? It is to craft a great fake doctors note. Here is some great information about these notes that can get you out of a work jam very quickly.

The Premise of These Notes

The premise of these notes is to be able to convince an employer at work that the employee is sick even though they are not. We live in an era where many managers overwork their employees. It can be hard to get a break which is why making a note by using these excellent templates can be a lifesaver.

How You Can Use a Template Effectively

The website allows people to choose a template that will be the backdrop on which they create the excuse that will be read by the person in charge. A good way to approach this is for the individual to look at the sample note. An excuse is only as good as the content that is behind it. This is why the forms have to do their job to convince the reader of it’s authenticity. If you’re looking for a great doctors excuse note, go here.

The Typical Excuses to Avoid

Employers are not stupid. They will not believe flimsy excuses from their employees. It is important to be ahead of the game and have a strategy. If people lack true tenacity with this, then this can lead them to trip up and reveal that the whole thing is a ruse. The illnesses to avoid are ones that just appear the day before. These lack genuine concern from co-workers. There should be some build up to the illness so that the symptoms are to be believed.

The Compiling of the Information

The templates allow people to customize their notes based on the designated illness or injury. The forms should have type in explanations that are brief. Doctors typically do not spend a great deal of time writing these notes and the words are often illegible. The name of a doctor should be at the top.

For example, Dr. Burke would be written as well as his contact information. The excuse should highlight the number of days that the person is excused from work or school. This helps to free up people so that they can print a note that looks real even though it is not.

Always keep these pointers on how to fake a doctors note in mind. Your fake note will be more convincing and less suspicious if you follow these instructions carefully. However, the efficiency of using this type of alibi still depends on the situation. Don’t assume that after you hand your boss the fake doctor excuse that you bought online, everything will be back to normal and act as if nothing ever happened. Don’t forget that your note is a proof of your sickness. Print your own physicians’ form.

A Fake Doctors Note Template Working for You

July 14, 2014

When deciding to use a fake doctors note as reason for skipping work for some days, it would be important to put several things into consideration. You can learn a bit more at

Are you going to print the free templates available of the internet or are going to visit a clinic with illness pretense as to receive an excuse letter; these being some of the things to put into consideration, there are others like:

What kind of an employee are you? How is your attendance at work, and how many times have you skipped your work and what were the reasons? The boss could be pissed off if you are the kind of a person who keeps seeking permission and requesting for leave, they could actually opt to suck you if you become a bother.

Not unless you can clearly proof a chronic illness may be like cancer that would make your boss more considerable, he/she might suspect your canny ways. Note that the case of a chronic illness is very sensitive and at one particular time, the boss might enquire with the said “hospital” to check your progress, this could be a sympathy note but just imagine the outcome if he/she discovers that it was just a plot to have your way, therefore choose carefully the nature of your faked illness and the frequency at which you request time off. A fake doctors note template might be the best solution for you. To learn more click here.

Consequences to Expect When Using Fake Doctors Notes

February 17, 2014

A lot of justifications are being made for the use of fake doctor’s notes today. These justifications seem real but using these notes could bring about some consequences that the user would not want to have. Thus, it is vital you really get to know what these consequences are so you can make decisions as to how you use these documents.

A fake doctor’s note is a sick advice that can be used to get excuse from work or school.  Workers may need this to skip work for a few days, and so are students to skip studies. The justifications of those who use these notes include: near impossibility to get real doctors notes on time, high cost of medical diagnoses, and the stress of going for a genuine note.

These justifications may look reasonable but one should consider that the use of fake doctor’s notes could be tantamount to forgery or fraud. Yes, this is because a fake doctor’s note is not issued by a real doctor, rather it is downloaded from the Internet and used as genuine printable free doctors excuse.

The consequences of toeing making the decision of going for fake doctor’s note are highlighted below.

Consequences of Using Fake Doctors Notes In The Place Of Work

If you are using a note like this to excuse yourself from work, care need to be taken so you don’t get yourself into trouble with the management or your boss. These notes are not legit but look real. You stand a risk of losing your pay, demoted from your position, or even losing your job if it is discovered that you are not being sincere with the excuse of ill health you have given. More so, in extreme cases where it is discovered that a real doctor’s signature was forged, then you could be liable for law suit and risk jail term for deception and misdemeanor.

Consequences of Using Fake Doctor’s Notes in the School

Most students also use a fake doctor’s note to skip classes. While this may provide temporal fun, there are risks associated with the discovery of fraud. The school authority can detain, suspend, and expel the student. The student also stands a risk of losing his grade. The student is considered as a cheat or dishonest if he/she is found with fake doctor’s note. You can learn more here:

So, as a student or an employee, you really need to consider these consider these consequences before going for fake doctors’ notes. Many people use these notes without being detected but I guess they are able to make the ones they use believable.

Quick Look at Fake Doctors Notes for School

February 13, 2014

Many students would want to get out of school for one reason or the other. They would want to avoid punishment for being absence. One option that is open to them would be to use a doctor’s note. But getting a real doctors note would often not be possible because you have to be sick to get a medical excuse note from a doctor.

The solution to this would be to access fake doctors notes template from the Internet. These notes could be free or paid for depending on the website that offers them. If you are planning to use a fake doctor’s note to skip studies, college speech, or other school based activities then there are basic facts you must know.

Fake doctor’s notes can get you into trouble

Yes, this is a warning! If the school authority discovers you are using a fake doctors note you can lose grade or be expelled from college.

So, think twice before following this route. For the fact that some persons have succeeded does not mean you too will succeed.

As a fact, some teachers may turn away blind eye for some students and punish others for using  doctors excuse templates.

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